I have setup rbt post as a custom tool in P4 with these arguments:

C:\Python27\Scripts\rbt.exe post --server http://[domain]:[port]/[path]/ -d 
--username=user --password=pass %C 

The output shows the diff of the files in my changelist but it ends up 
giving me this error:

>>> Making HTTP GET request to 

>>> Making HTTP POST request to http://[domain]:[port]/[path]

>>> Got API Error 205 (HTTP code 400): There was no repository found at the 
specified path

>>> Error data: {u'stat': u'fail', u'err': {u'msg': u'There was no 
repository found at the specified path', u'code': 205}}

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:\Python27\Scripts\rbt-script.py", line 9, in <module>

load_entry_point('rbtools==0.6alpha0.dev', 'console_scripts', 'rbt')()

line 134, in main

command.run_from_argv([RB_MAIN, command_name] + args)

line 422, in run_from_argv

exit_code = self.main(*args) or 0

line 769, in main


line 503, in post_request

raise CommandError("Error creating review request: %s" % e)

rbtools.commands.CommandError: Error creating review request: There was no 
repository found at the specified path (HTTP 400, API Error 205)

However, it creates a review draft in the UI with my username but no files 
in it.

I cannot find any .reviewboardrc files, so I guess everything needs to be 
passed as an argument to the script.

My review board instalaltion is here http://[domain]:[port]/[path]

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Thank you.

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