I cannot answer you but I would like to get the post-commit hook you use.I 
am working with ReviewBoard and SVN too.
Thank you.

Le jeudi 20 mars 2014 09:57:15 UTC+1, ben.b...@ravellosystems.com a écrit :
> Hey, what's up?
> I know this question was probably raised several times in the past, but 
> after a long search I couldn't find a clear answer.
> We are working with ReviewBoard and SVN for quite long time. We use a 
> post-commit hook in order to automatically post review-requests to the 
> review-board.
> Each developer adds to the commit message a string like: "RB: <username>", 
> and our script creates a review request targeted for <username>.
> We are now moving to github (using private repositories). 
> I see that ReviewBoard has support for git-hub: I can configure my 
> repository and such.
> But - how can I trigger an automatic review-request on each push?
> I can see that GitHub has a "webhooks" support - so I can trigger some 
> "POST" command on each push. Probably this can be integrated with 
> ReviewBoard API, although I'm not sure how we can parse the commit message 
> in order to open the review-request for a specific user.
> Does anyone has a working example? It should be quite common, I wonder how 
> come I couldn't find anything clear on this.
> Thanks

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