Sorry to resurrect this old guy, but I have similar question regarding 
"Ship it" rights to X individuals. Is this something that will be change 
 in 2.0?

On Saturday, February 6, 2010 10:00:34 AM UTC+11, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Jennifer,
> The "Ship It" checkbox is part of a review, not a review request, and like 
> all fields in a review, the reviewer has complete control over the 
> contents. When a reviewer marks something as "Ship It," that is his 
> opinion. It's not necessarily approval for the code to be committed.
> What you're really wanting, I think, is some way to officially have 
> someone approve code once it has been reviewed. This is where the sociology 
> problem comes into play. This is handled differently in every organization. 
> In some, lead developers have to approve it, even if other people give 
> their opinion that it's ready to go in. In others, you need some 
> number/percentage of Ship Its. In others, it's more loosely governed and 
> the developer can commit when he gets Ship Its from people who know the 
> code well enough, people who aren't wearing any particular "hats."
> This is a complex thing for Review Board to just handle, and the Ship It 
> mechanism is not flexible enough for it. It's a hint, and it's up to 
> organizations to make use of it how they choose.
> David mentioned Policy support. I'll go into that briefly and let you know 
> my thoughts. The idea is that, down the road, we'll have a way for 
> administrators to create rules specifying who can do certain things, such 
> as read code in parts of certain repositories, looked at review requests in 
> certain groups only, make groups invite-only, and indicate what constitutes 
> approval for code checkin.
> Note that in the last case there, the "Ship It" is not approval, or at 
> least not the version today. Maybe we'll move to a thumbs up/down model of 
> some sort to disambiguate "Ship It."
> So, at that point, it'd be possible to query a review request and ask if 
> the code is approved for going in. The review request won't be able to be 
> marked as submitted until this approval is flagged. It would be up to 
> organizations to specify the rules. Probably, we'd have some presets that 
> can be chosen, and an expression editor for more advanced functionality.
> That's a ways off, though. Shorter-term, we're trying to get the 1.5 
> release out the door, and then the plan is to work on a 1.6 with some 
> smaller features people have been asking for. We'd then be working on 2.0, 
> which will have extension support (allowing for organizations to make their 
> own additions to Review Board) and, hopefully, some form of policy.
> Since you're already writing a custom script for controlling whether code 
> can go in, it might be worth at this point introducing your own policy 
> support. Take into account the Ship Its and compare the reviewers based on 
> those reviewers who are allowed to approve code. Sure, it won't be ideal, 
> but it's probably the best you'll really be able to do short-term.
> Another possible option, which David and I would have to talk about, is to 
> add a permission for allowing a user to mark code as Ship It. The problem 
> that will need to be addressed is that of default permissions and 
> retroactively setting permissions. While you likely want to only enable 
> this for specific users, most places are content with allowing every user 
> to specify Ship it. There's no mechanism today in either Review Board or 
> Django for specifying defaults for permissions for users, so this would 
> have to be written as well. Ends up becoming a slightly larger project
> Christian
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> On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 11:42 AM, Jennifer < 
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>> Thank you for your answer.  I would like to respectfully disagree.
>> What is the difference between the "ship it" checkbox and any other
>> field in the review?  There are specific permissions from changing the
>> header, changing the diff, the text, etc, I think there is even a
>> permission to say if people were allowed to post reviews or not.  Why
>> is the "ship it" button different?  If this is a sociology problem,
>> then why have permissions at all?  Everything should be open, and
>> people told what they are allowed to edit and not edit.  We all know
>> this does not work in the real world.  Even with advance training and
>> whatever, someone could check the box accidentally.  Since there is no
>> way a way to uncheck this box we want to limit its' exposure.
>> We are working on cvs commit hook scripts, so checkin's cannot be made
>> unless the referenced review has be marked ship it, so yes actually, a
>> check-box *will* stop people from checking in code. :)
>> On Feb 3, 5:18 pm, David Trowbridge <> wrote:
>> > In general we've avoided adding this sort of permissions and policy,
>> > since it adds a lot of UI complexity for what is essentially a
>> > sociology problem. We have a bug open requesting some sort of general
>> > policy set-up (while we try to figure out what that means), but I'd
>> > recommend that this is better enforced through training and
>> > management. If people are submitting code without the proper
>> > authorizations, then a check-box isn't going to stop them.
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