Hi All,

I am fairly new to reviewboard, so most likely I am missing something. 

I am using rboard with git and am submitting post-commit reviews. The usual 
flow here is:

1. Create new branch from master
2. Develop stuff
3. Commit and push to origin as needed
4. Task is ready - post a review request with master as a parent

>From time to time when I want to submit a post-commit review it fails:

[tk:~/Work/adl/sources/saymamaplugin] master_tk+ ± rbt post 
ERROR:root:Error uploading diff 
One or more fields had errors (HTTP 400, API Error 105) 
path: error: unable to find 4ab787809955e0b3e5499883c0d21ab005d4b1e4 
fatal: git cat-file 4ab787809955e0b3e5499883c0d21ab005d4b1e4: bad file 
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached. 

After manually fetching all the changes from the origin on the repository 
used by reviewboard the review request post succeeds:
⌂82% [tk:~/Work/adl/sources/saymamaplugin] master_tk+ 4s 1 ± rbt post 
Review request #26 posted. 

I basically just SSH into the machine, cd to the repository configured in 
review board and call

git fetch origin

our .revieboardrc is as follows:


> REVIEWBOARD_URL = "http://reviews.addlive-vpn.com/";
> REPOSITORY = "Streaming-Core"
> BRANCH = "master"
> TARGET_GROUPS = "core"

Thanks a lot for any guide.




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