I'm using ReviewBoard 1.7.20 on Fedora 18 with a SVN repo. I'm trying to 
attach an SVN diff to a review using the RB API. I'm doing this from the 
eReviewboard Eclipse plugin, so I can't use post-review.

The RB server runs at http://localhost:5040 . The SVN repository runs at 
http://localhost:5040/svn/repo . I am trying to post the diff with the 
basedir set to '/simple-project', and the diff is

Index: src/com/example/Logic.java
--- w/runtime-ereviewboard/simple-project/src/com/example/Logic.java    
(revision 1)
+++ w/runtime-ereviewboard/simple-project/src/com/example/Logic.java    
(working copy)
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
 public class Logic {
     public static void perform() {
         System.out.println("Logic checks out");

When posting this diff, reviewboard complains that:

{"stat": "fail", "err": {"msg": "The file was not found in the repository", 
"code": 207}, "file": 
"revision": "1"}

Looking at the diff, I see that the index is correct, the file does exist 
at /simple-project/src/com/example/Logic.java ( based on the Index line ). 
However, ReviewBoard seems to look for the file name contained in the 
---/+++ lines. Is this correct/expected?



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