Doesn't git authenticate with ssh keys ? After a reinstall I would think 
they might have changed...

On Monday, April 7, 2014 7:57:08 AM UTC-7, Gytis wrote:
> Have been using Reviewboard 1.7.21 for > 3 months wih github. All was ok. 
> But had to recover after postgresql migration gone bad.
> Now with fresh install i cannot link github account (private 
> organization), it always says:
> Unable to link the account: Validation Failed
> Tried upgrading to 1.7.22, and now i'm on 2.0 RC2, but the issue persists. 
> My credentials are correct, because if i enter invalid ones, i get:
> Unable to link the account: Bad credentials
> Anyway to get more info? Log file seems to be silent.

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