On Monday, April 7, 2014 10:35:04 PM UTC+3, Christian Hammond wrote:
> GitHub doesn't use SSH keys. Instead, when you authenticate, you get an 
> API token that represents your access to certain resources.
> Is there any extra info in reviewboard.log?
No, reviewboard log was empty. Added some logging statements 
into reviewboard/hostingsvcs/github.py to check where the problem was.

Basically github returns 422 erorr with message "Validation Failed". 
Reviewboard hides additional error details:

u'errors': [{u'field': u'description', u'code': u'already_exists', 
u'resource': u'OauthAccess'}]

Which means that authentication token we are requesting, already exists. 
This is because reviewboard, when requesting authentication posts 
to https://api.github.com/authorizations with a "note" field that it sets 
to "Access for Review Board". 
This note field has to be unique per account. So since i already had this 
account linked to reviewboard, before my DB crash, the authentication 
tokens didn't go anywhere, they were at github. So i simply logged into 
github, and deleted the old token from Applications->Personal access tokens.

I think you should add more logging when github throws "Validation Failed" 
to show what exactly failed.

P.S. ReviewBoard 2.0 is gorgeous

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