On 04/08/2014 07:54 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> He's trying to install the packages from yum, which is totally fine.
> Alex, I don't know what to say to that log. You have a lot of
> package-related issues, which looks like you may have installed some
> things in a forced, incorrect way. You may want to just start from
> scratch on that system.
> Maybe Stephen Gallagher will have a better idea about it?

Sorry, I meant to reply to this and then heartbleed happened...

Yeah, my guess is that at some point you may have installed a
conflicting package (did you perhaps 'yum install Django' manually?)

The standard "Django" package on EPEL 6 is version 1.3, which would
conflict with the Django14 package that ReviewBoard requires.

Unfortunately, for some reason that output isn't clearly identifying
where the conflict is, so I can't help narrow it down.

The best approach would be to start from scratch as Christian suggests
and then install the EPEL ReviewBoard package.

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