We're having some problems here using RBTools 0.6.0 on our outdated version 
of Review Board. RBTools v0.5.7 worked fine. Whilst we go about updating 
our version of Review Board I'd thought I'd check what the policy is for 
RBTools being tied to specific versions of Review Board? 

RBTools 0.6.0 makes use of absolute_url, which was only added to RB and 
RBTools in 2013-11-16. However as far as I can tell from the patch notes it 
was only released in the 2.0 branch in beta 2 and is not in 1.17? Therefore 
RBTools 0.6.0 is tied to RB 2.0 B2 and up?

If different versions of RBTools are meant to work only on specific 
versions of Review Board? Or is it always "the latest? Could that be 
documented on the web page? (Especially as the reviewboard webpage links to 
RB 1.17.x and RBTools 0.6.x. Of course, it's possible that absoulte_url 
could have sneaked into 1.17.17+, but I won't know that until I update and 
see if it works :)).

absolute_url added to rb
2013-11-05 to 2013-11-16 

RBTools add use of absolute_url
 mentioned in release notes for 2.0 b2

http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/releasenotes/reviewboard/1.7.19/  -- 
mentioned edward lee (but only mentions mirror path?)

On Monday, 7 April 2014 23:29:43 UTC+1, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We just put out the all-new RBTools 0.6 release. We spent a lot of time 
> improving the usability of RBTools, making it easier and faster to use.
> There's a lot going on with this release, and I've already written it up 
> twice :) So instead, I'll point you all to the news post and release notes:
> http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2014/04/07/rbtools-0-6-released/
> Christian
> -- 
> Christian Hammond - chi...@chipx86.com <javascript:>
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