While working on a Ubuntu 12.04 system with:


Following documentation after the section on *Apache*

I selected the mod_wsgi, configuration file  ../conf/apache-wsgi.conf  As 
that is what I am using.

I have directory     /etc/apache2/sites-available 

Also have directory  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled 

The following commands worked as they should:

$ cd /etc/apache2/sites-available 
$ cp /var/www/reviews.example.com/conf/apache-wsgi.conf 
$ cd ../sites-enabled 
$ ln -s ../sites-available/reviews.example.com.conf .

Then I restarted Apache using: 

sudo service apache2 stop 
sudo service apache2 start

Then in a browser  is entered and up comes reviewboard.

However, when I try

The error:  "Your search -xxx- did not match any documents."   shows up!


I hope there is a way that reviewboard can work while allowing other things 
like PHP to work.

A little please.



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