> Hi,
I upgraded to the latest version 1.7.25. I see the crash issue was 
resolved. But the original issues still persists.

Issue 1. Our CVS password changes every three months. We update it 
periodically. There had been no issues till recently. With 1.7.22 release, 
updating the password, or any field whatsoever, throws following error. Has 
anything been changed that I need to be aware of?

Note: Doing a diff/view code actually works, meaning the repository path is 
in-fact correct. Besides, the repository path had been unchanged for a long 

A repository was not found at the specified path.

Issue 2. We usually have multiple repositories with the same path. When we 
try updating, we are now getting the following error. Was this restriction 
added intentionally?

   - A repository with this path already exists


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