This is the error that i find on the localhost webpage when i try to access 
reviewboard.  This is a new install 

The version of Review Board running does not match the version the site was 
last upgraded to. You are running *1.7.25* and the site was last upgraded 
to *1.7.22*. 

Please upgrade your site to fix this by running: 

    $ rb-site upgrade /srv/www/***

I am currently running python 2.7 and the review board egg and django are all 
located in the python 2.7. directory

The output when rb-site upgrade is:

Rebuilding directory structure
Updating database. This may take a while.

The log output below, including warnings and errors,
can be ignored unless upgrade fails.

------------------ <begin log output> ------------------
Creating tables ...
Installing custom SQL ...
Installing indexes ...
Installed 0 object(s) from 0 fixture(s)
No evolution required.
------------------- <end log output> -------------------

Resetting in-database caches.

Upgrade complete!


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