I am interested in the image diff functionality described in the following 


Specifically, I'd like to see the image diff viewer described in the above 
review shown for binary image files (jpeg, gif, png) inline in the diff 
viewer.  I've been playing with a local copy of 2.0 RC3 and haven't been 
able to get this to work.  The diff viewer just shows that the file is 
binary instead of showing the image diff as described in that review.  I've 
seen some references to this in various emails and notes, but couldn't find 
any documentation on how to get this to work.  I read through the diff in 
the above review and it appears to be based off of the File Attachment 
functionality, which makes me think I need to upload one or two file 
attachments (only new version and reviewboard pulls original from 
repository, or both original and new) and somehow link them with the diff 
either by name / attributes or perhaps posting them directly to the diff 
resource.  Am I on the right track here?  Any pointers to documentation or 
tools that already do this?  I read through various rbtools files and 
didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean it isn't there...

For reference, we have ReviewBoard setup with a git repository which is 
actually a bridge to another SCM so we have custom tools which generate a 
git compatible diff.  We then create the review request and post the diff 
using the Web API.  I'm just trying to figure out what steps to modify or 
add to this process to support this cool image diff functionality.


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