Updated, so far so good :-). Thank you

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014 10:25:16 AM UTC+10, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We're finally there! Review Board 2.0 is out, and it's glorious.
> There's so much in this release, that I'm not going to repeat any of it 
> here. Our announcement 
> post<http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2014/05/19/announcing-review-board-2-0/>covers
>  some of the highlights, and the release 
> notes <http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/releasenotes/reviewboard/2.0/>cover 
> the rest.
> A big thanks to everybody who has helped us test this release and provide 
> valuable feedback.
> If you're on 1.7.x or earlier, doing an upgrade will put you on 2.0. Like 
> so:
>     sudo easy_install -U ReviewBoard
> In the future, if you want to upgrade to a 1.7.x release, you can't use 
> -U. You'll need to specify it on the command line, like:
>     sudo easy_install ReviewBoard==1.7.26
> We expect we'll put out a couple 2.0.x releases over the coming weeks, as 
> feedback begins to roll in, so keep an eye out!
> Christian
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