Is there a trick to getting a custom field to save/load? 

I followed the directions here 
I have an extension with a field that appears in one of the main fieldsets 
(information or reviewers). 

I can edit the field, and press 'enter' to make the field non-editable with 
the new value in it. But the value is not being saved. If I reload the 
review, the field value is blank again. If I publish the review, it 
publishes with no changes made. I went in and overrode the save_value() and 
load_value() functions with logging messages. As far as I can tell, they 
are never being called. render_value() is being called, but that obviously 
doesn't help me much without save/load functionality.

>From the documentation in reviews/, it looks like save/load should 
come automatically with the BaseEditableField class. Is there something I'm 
missing? My code is really simple:

class TrelloCardField(BaseEditableField):
    fieldset_id = 'my_trello_card'
    label = 'Trello Card'

class MyReviewboardExtension(Extension):
    is_configurable = False
    def initialize(self):
        ReviewRequestFieldsHook(self, 'reviewers', [TrelloCardField)]


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