Hi Christian,

On 12 June 2014 00:01, Christian Hammond <christ...@beanbaginc.com> wrote:

> Review Board 2.1 will have a new repository selector that will make it
> very easy to configure repositories on supported hosting services. Right
> now, I’m targeting GitHub for development, but we’ll bring support to
> Bitbucket pretty soon too. This is all still very young though. (Also forms
> some of the basis of better DVCS and hook integration we’re planning.)

Sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing it in action.

> We can get you a SVG version of the logo. We’d appreciate some little
> blurb, if there isn’t already one somewhere, that the logo is trademarked
> by Beanbag, Inc.

Right, I was expecting to need to acknowledge your trademark there. Please
do send me the SVG and I'll happily add some blurb to protect your
trademark. The design guidelines I need to adhere to are documented on

Good luck on the conversion :) Everyone has a favorite tool, so that can be
> challenging.

Indeed! I had hoped to provide useful feedback from the trial period where
we used it (~1.7) last year, but it seemed either too specific to our needs
or too antithetical to what RB was trying to solve (e.g. "I want an email
gateway so I can do reviews by replying to an email", "I want to claim a
review slot").

After trying RB and then Rietveld, we declared an amnesty on trying out new
code review tools, so I'm biding my time and hoping to win some mindshare
at the next opportunity. 2.0 solved a lot of the niggly issues. With the
extension story getting stronger, I'm also anticipating solving some of the
objections with extensions (I have no plans to write an email gateway


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