We just upgraded our install from 1.6.11 to 2.0.2 and had serious problems 
getting things running because we were using the modpython Django library 
with the mod_python Apache module and that hasn't been supported for 
awhile. Since Django no longer supports modpython I'm wondering how I 
migrate to wsgi? If I have the mod_ wsgi Apache module loaded I'm assuming 
the only other thing that I need to do is update my Apache configuration 
file, is that accurate? How do I get a sample apache-wsgi.conf generated so 
I can modify my config with the correct data? Also, in the mean time, I 
copied over the modpython libraries from the 1.3.3 Django site-packages 
directory to the Django 1.6.5 site directory and this hack seems to have 
gotten things working again in the short term, do you think this could have 
any adverse effects on my site? Please let me know. Thanks. 

Also, we're running on CentOS 6.5, Apache 2.2.15, and Python 2.6.6. 

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