In a previous request for help, I learned that I was simply trying to use a 
feature that is not there for gitlab-repos, yet.


I got hinted to use the rbtools. I followed that advice, and for 
test-purposes installed the rbtools, following the documentation.

rbt can be started, now.

Now I am stuck with adding the repository. While the documentation is 
surely well meant and understandable for someone having a bit experience in 
this special area, it leaves a lot open for me, despite being a seasoned 
developer. Probably I am getting old.

- Centos actual
- rbt 0.6.1

Trying "rbt setup-repo" asks for the RB server URL.

Assuming myserver is

(I tried with and without trailing slash, my server uses an Apache reverse 
proxy in front of the actual bitnami stack for reviewboard, so the trailing 
slash would be required.)

  No Git repository found or selected for .reviewboardrc not created.

This error message gives me ... no clue where to search further.

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