I set up an instance of reviewboard a few weeks ago as a quick proof of 
concept for my company.  At the time, I ran into a problem getting my 
subversion post-commit hook to work.  Our repository allows no anonymous 
access, so the svn info, log, etc. calls issued by rbtools were hanging 
waiting for a password that rbtools didn't seem to give me a way to supply. 
 From this 
<https://groups.google.com/d/topic/reviewboard/xDoWsUyHpBg/discussion> mailing 
list post, it seemed that this was actually a limitation.  Since I was just 
trying out reviewboard at the time, I just modified rbtools/clients/svn.py 
to supply the credentials with those calls.  However, now that I'm setting 
up what will be a production instance, I'm more concerned about doing 
things properly, and it seems odd to me that, in the two years since that 
post, no one has modified rbtools to allow those parameters.  Can someone 
please confirm whether this is an uncommon requirement, or I'm just totally 
wrong and there actually is a better way of doing this?



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