This is what I want to do. I am sure it's not possible today but can I know 
a) whether you find it useful enough to put in the next release or b) is 
there a way for me to write an extension that will do this without me 
having to create a private build of reviewboard everytime I update the 
review board?

!. I have SVN repository
2. When I click on "SVN commit" or use command line to commit a change, 
internally a review request should be created which will use preset user 
preferences based on branch and username
3. post it to reviewboard
4. once it gets a ""ship it!" and user clicks submit, it should actually go 
in repository

I know that I can write a wrapper over svn command line utility and do the 
stuff that I need to do in #2. But I wanted to know if there is better way.
For #4, I wanted to know whether it is possible currently in reviewboard 
and\or I can write an extension which will do it without having to make a 
private build every time.

Thanks in advance,

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