Hi All,

I am using reviewboard-2.0.2. I have added one gitlab repository for my 
Now, I am creating a diff file on my cloned code repository, using 
following command:

git diff --full-index > master6.patch

This, master6.patch file, I am uploading while creating review request. In 
this case, my review request gets created successfully.
Now, when I click on 'view diff' link, then I am getting following error 

There was an error displaying this diff. 

The patch to 'abcProject/d.rb' didn't apply cleanly. The temporary files 
have been left in '/tmp/reviewboard.RHA9Qh' for debugging purposes. `patch` 

This may be a bug in the software, a temporary outage, or an issue with the 
format of your diff. 

Please try again, and if you still have trouble, contact support 

I am struggling to resolve this issue since long.

Request you to please provide me some pointers in order to resolve the 

Awaiting for your positive reply,


Nitish Gangal

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