I have a setup of review board working before (Python 2.7, Slik Subversion 
1.6.17, Tortoise 1.6.17, RBTools 0.4.2) in my computer. I recently tried 
setting up a new one with the following versions - Python 2.7, Slik 
Subversion 1.8.x, Tortoise 1.8.x, and RBTools 0.4.2.

When doing a "post-review" in the root directory of my code, everything 
works fine. The problem is that when doing it in the sub-folders, I get 
a "Unable to find a Review Board server for this source code tree" message. 
I think this is because when using SVN 1.8 version, a ".svn" folder is no 
longer created in each sub-folders. 

It works if I specify a server together with the "post-review" command, but 
it's kind of a hassle knowing that it works before by simply typing 
"post-review". I also saw a solution before indicating that a 
".reviewboardrc" file should be created, but for the same reason with the 
first approach, I'm hesitant to do this. 

Is there a way with my current setup that I'll be able to create a review 
by going to the sub folders and only typing "post-review"?


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