On Wednesday, July 9, 2014 10:59:25 PM UTC+2, Christian Hammond wrote:

> The /static/ path is completely disabled unless you’re running a 
> development (DEBUG=True) install straight out of the Git source tree 
> (basically, an install that is not at all suitable for production usage). 
> This is just to help development. Review Board should never be responsible 
> for serving static media files, since it’s jut too slow at it, and it’ll 
> bog down the server.
I knew that -- this is why I complained, that also the static files are 
handeled by reviewboard.fcgi.  And as you say: they should not.  The 
url-rewrite-rules did exactly this, though.
Ok, I finally managed to get it working.  I'm not sure, whether I did it as 
intended, but the 404-errors are gone and I guess I understand better, now, 
what happens in the rewrite rules.  In contrast to the lighttpd config 
generated by rb-site, I use the following rules to modify the url:

    # The requested media, static etc files shall point the the correct 
    # on the file system.
    alias.url = (
        "/rbex3/media" => "/srv/http/rbex3/htdocs/media",
        "/rbex3/static" => "/srv/http/rbex3/htdocs/static",
        "/rbex3/errordocs" => "/srv/http/rbex3/htdocs/errordocs",

    # Interpret paths: If it's a media, static or errordoc path, don't do
    # anything with it (substitute it with the path itself) and don't try to
    # match any of the following substitutions.  if it's neither media nor
    # static nor errordoc but contains the /reviewboard.fcgi executable, 
    # don't do anything.  All other urls are appended to the 
    # executable, so reviewboard handels them.
    url.rewrite-once = (
        "^(/rbex3/media/.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/rbex3/static/.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/rbex3/errordocs/.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/reviewboard.fcgi.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/.*)$" => "/reviewboard.fcgi$1",

All the pages generated by django/reviewboard use a path `/rbex3/...', for 


and thus the rules in the default config did not match the urls correctly.  
After I added the `/rbex3'-part in all the regexpes, the paths are computed 
correctly and mapped to my file system correctly.


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