> The SVNRoot\NetworkConfigs (my test SVN) is the data itself.. Forgive my 
> novice questions but from what you have said it seems like this would be a 
> task for the end user to have to do each time? Is there a way that when the 
> project is checked in (programmers use VS2010 & the Win tools associated) 
> to have it post the changes to reviewboard without intervention? I guess I 
> was assuming that was how it worked, and some of the postings indicate to 
> use the post-commit.cmd for that purpose... Unfortunately my tests seem to 
> indicate what you have pointed out...

Just FYI my testing is done on this environment using SlikSVN to the 
repository. I can get some postings to reviewboard doing it all manually so 
I think I have the pieces setup just need to get them all talking in a 
manner that works for what the bosses want.

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