In our company, we have a custom source code packaging format. So we have 
written a wrapper above rbtools, based on  this link


In our python script, we use the following snippet to create and upload a 
review request:

f = open("path/to/diff.txt", mode="r")
> diff_contents = f.read()
> f.close()
> review_request.get_diffs().upload_diff(diff_contents)
 The problem here is, when we upload a diff for which the file path doesn’t 
exist, then it throws an error 

The file was not found in the repository (HTTP 400, API Error 207)

However, an empty draft with no diff is generated in the review board site. 
Is there a way to avoid this? Or permanently delete this draft (we don’t 
want to discard it, but permanently delete it)

Best Regards,  

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