Hi Developers,

I updated my rbtools to 0.6.2 and encountered the following problem. (my 
repo is SVN)

When I use rbtools 0.5.x, I can use commands such as
rbt post --revision-range=xxxx:yyyy /path/to/file1 path/to/file2
to indicate that I want to upload diffs of version xxxx and version yyyy of 
file1 and file2 .

However, after I updated to 0.6.2, commands such as

rbt post xxxx:yyyy /path/to/file1 path/to/file2 failed to upload diffs and 
shows the following error msg

E:\MXview>rbt post src 29486:29527
CRITICAL: Could not parse specified revisions: ['src', '29486:29527']

I tried to substitute parameter orders but still not worked.

Do I miss something? I can't find an example in rbtools document. Please 

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