> Looks like a lot of the battle is with SELINUX... I now have 2.0.5 running 
> and it seems to be happy in its little world. Now to start tying it into 
> the VisualSVN server again. At this time I have a snapshot of the unit in 
> good condition however do you have an SELINUX exception that allows RB to 
> operate properly? Right now the only solution is either permissive or 
> disabled.....

The SVN issue is with subversion and the "Key Usage" situation. in the past 
I have tried rebuilding neon with mixed success but think I will look at 
redoing the certificate on the svn server. 

Throughout this issue I was surprised that there isn't a simple walkthrough 
of exactly what needs to be on a system ahead of the install of RB... 
Things like mod_wsgi, MySQL-python and even httpd-devel all came into play. 
It would be great to put together a prereq list that can be applied to a 
fresh server to prep for the install.. If I get a few later on I may try 
it, especially with CentOS 7 now released....  Easy_install is nice but 
doesn't handle the dependencies well and is very cryptic in what caused the 
issue. Thanks again!

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