ok, so I have a setup where my company's root svn is different from the 
projects that people checkout. In otherwords, each project is setup as only 
a folder in svn.

so svn info shows:
URL: https://url.org/svn/root/projectname
Relative URL: ^/projectname
Repository Root: https://url.org/svn/root

The repo is setup in ReviewBoard as https://url.org/svn/root/projectname

Anytime I run rbt post, I get:

The file was not found in the repository. (HTTP 400, API Error 207)

I AM able to get diffs to post automatically using the post-review version 
that comes bundled with debian testing by running something like:

post-review --repository-url=https://url.org/svn/root/projectname 

But obviously, this is hackish and post-review is deprecated, from my 

If I insert a logging line into get_file in pysvn.py per another post here, 
I see something like the following in the logs:

 - repopath = "https://url.org/svn/root/projectname";, path = 
"/projectname/file.py", revision = "18376"

Which I assume why this is not working is because of the screwy path root 
problem and the duplicate projectname above.

So, my question... what is the best way to make this work for automatic 
diff uploads using rbt?  Even if I have to hardcode something hackish, I 
would rather have your advice on where is the best place to do so.  Any 
help appreciated.

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