For what it's worth, there seems to be a combination of command line flags 
that works as a workaround:

pip install rbtools --allow-external rbtools --allow-unverified rbtools

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014 8:03:11 AM UTC-5, Jason Antman wrote:
> I'm aware that pip is not a supported installation method for ReviewBoard 
> itself. However, I have a number of cases where pip installation is the 
> only method I can do, and I only need access to RBTools for the API client.
> As of a few months ago, I was able to `pip install RBTools==0.5.2` without 
> a problem, and I have this in a number of requirements.txt files.
> This morning I tried re-deploying one of the applications that uses this, 
> and got an error from pip saying "No distributions at all found" - there 
> don't seem to be any valid packages on pypi itself, and even having it 
> allow external URLs doesn't seem to work.
> Is this an intentional change in behavior?
> Thanks,
> Jason

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