On 2014-08-21 16:53, Tyler Mace wrote:
> I'm eager to get started with Review Board, but it's not working out of the 
> box. I have Fedora 20 installed, with RB 1.7.26 with httpd 2.4.10.
> I can only work ReviewBoard if I turn off selinux, i.e. "setenforce off." 
> We cannot do this on production.

This is similar to my setup, which is working, and *does* have SELinux
in 'enforcing' mode. It was necessary for me to create some additional
rules, however. Unfortunately, while I still have those rules installed,
I don't have the files from which they were created, which as I
understand are necessary to create them on other systems (or e.g. bundle
with the .rpm). If you're willing to help work through these issues in
order to get it working on your machine, and then contribute back the
necessary files so that the rules can be set up automatically with the
.rpm, I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated.

You might also want to look at the audit2why and audit2allow commands.
If you get it working, please don't make the mistake I made and delete
the rule input files :-), but contribute them back.

Stephen Gallagher (who usually reads this list, and is the Fedora
packager for RB) may also be able to help out. However he seems to have
a somewhat erratic schedule, so don't panic if he doesn't jump in right


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