This question was raised once here: 
but no answer was given. 

According to Perforce, there are three ways you can approach setting up 
multiple projects in Perforce:
* Put each project in a separate directory under a single depot
* Put each project in a separate depot (multiple depots)
* Put each project on its own Perforce Server (multiple servers)

In Reviewboard, the idea of having P4PORT as the repository path limits us 
to the third way (which is unlikely the choice of most companies).
We are currently having more than 10 projects hosted under the same 
Perforce server and we can only create one repository on Reviewboard due to 

I'm wondering if there is any workaround for this issue ? Furthermore, does 
Reviewboard have any plan to change the concept of "Repo Path" when 
integrating with Perforce in the future ? 

H. Phan

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