On 2014-10-01 15:38, Andrew Hills (anhills) wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> While that sounds like an interesting project for an extension, I'm
> not sure exactly how it would work, since it would have a completely
> different interface for each type of version control. It would be much
> easier if you already had such a tool in place, and to write an
> extension to add easy access points. But even then, all the web tools
> look more than a little different, so it would take some effort to
> make sure it's extensible enough to cover most cases...


I (think I) understand and agree with your concerns. But I also expected
at least a minimal interface to already be in place, as the ReviewBoard
tool already fetches data from various repos (so it can display commit
lists, compare patches, etc.), so augmenting that to allow full repo
navigation would be a natural extension.
But I can definitely see this being a substantial effort, and I just
wanted to know whether anyone had already done or thought about such a task.



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