I've already put the following information in the new issue 3599, but I 
thought I'd add it here as well.

In order to allow our deployment to begin, I protected the code in question.  
It will return 
  "Unknown (%s)" % user
if 'user' is a string instead of an object with the "get_full_name()" method.

Now, I get the expected matches, each with a link, a description and a line 
giving date and user.  I also get a few of these (just the last line that gives 
the date and user):

    *NaN years, NaN months ago by Unknown ()*

Apparently, I have a few corrupted requests in my database?  How might I go 
about finding them?  When I look at "Review Requests" under 
admin->Database->Reviews->ReviewRequests, I see only requests with real users 
and real dates.  When I look in the MySQL database itself, I cannot find them 

On Friday, October 3, 2014 1:00:07 AM UTC-4, David Carson wrote:
> I've opened issue 3599.  Thanks.
> On Thursday, October 2, 2014 5:50:55 PM UTC-4, chri...@beanbaginc.com 
> wrote:
>> Looks like the reviews/search.html template is expecting a User and 
>> getting a string, I'm not sure why this is broken now and wasn't before. 
>> Would you mind filing a bug? 
>> Christian 
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>> Christian Hammond - chri...@beanbaginc.com   
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>> Beanbag, Inc. - https://www.beanbaginc.com 

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