I am setting up 2.0.8 to be deployed very shortly.  The only major hurdle 
is that the switch to the "diff view" for a review request with 10 or more 
files is very slow.  I would anticipate users wanting to switch back and 
forth between "review view" and "diff view" so I must figure this out 
before deploying.

For a typical review with 20 files, each file being perhaps 2K lines long, 
and a diff that when downloaded is about 200K bytes, this is what I see:

   - click on "View Diff" in upper right corner
   - first file or two renders quickly
   - 3-10 take a few seconds each
   - 11-20 get progressively slower, taking 5 or more seconds
   - switching to diff view always takes this long, not just the first time 
   the "diff view" is rendered

This seems excessively slow for the size of the files, the proximity of the 
RB server to the SVN server (same switch!) and the size of the diff.  For 
large diffs, or for cases when it is necessary to switch back and forth 
between the two views, this becomes almost unusable.

Any ideas what I ought to look for?  

I'm running:

   - ReviewBoard 2.0.8
   - CentOS 7.0
   - older Dell server
      - 16GB RAM
      - Intel Xeon 3GHz, 2 CPUs, 4 cores each

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