Not sure if this should be considered a bug, but certainly not what I would 

In order to add a reviewer to a request, I can start typing the username, 
or I can start typing the full name.  This is great so far.  If I start 
typing "Dav" I get three matches (two Dave and one David). 

However, it seems to me to be impossible to use <tab> or <enter> or 
anything else to actually cause one of these matches to be auto-filled in 
the field.  The only way the field gets auto-filled is if I am typing the 
actual username when I attempt the auto-completion.  Maybe I'm missing 

Moreover, the same is true if the case does not match.  We have one group 
defined so far, which is an all-uppercase acronym.  If I start typing the 
group in the group reviewer field using lowercase letters, it finds the 
group and tells me to press <tab> to auto-complete.  When I press <tab>, it 
does not auto-complete.

It seems like, if the matching occurs using either username or fullname, 
and if the matching occurs using either the exact case  or not, then the 
tab should grab that match and fill in the appropriate username/groupname. 
 Is this a bug?  Should I open an issue?

Running RB 2.0.8, CentOS 7.0, Chrome browser.

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