I'm trying to implement a post-commit review approach using a post-commit 
hook for subversion, and I'm not sure if the problem I'm running into is 
due to a configuration error, or an error in my understanding of how 
rbtools works.  I'm trying to find a solution for the following scenario:

I have a branch where I'm working on a new feature.  At the end of my work 
day, I'm not yet finished, but I commit anyway so that I can be sure not to 
lose my work. At this point, my subversion repository is at revision 1000.  
A co-worker, working on a different branch, makes a commit, bringing the 
repository revision to 1001.
The next day, I finish up what I'm working on and make my final commit, 
bringing the repository to revision 1002. I would like to submit a review 
request for revision 1000-1002, but only for my branch.

I thought I could use the --basedir parameter to specify specify my branch 
in order to make this work, but despite the fact that my script is 
correctly parsing out the revision and the basedir, the diff generated 
includes changes in both branches.  Any pointers?


Michelle Avery

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