Well, since no one has responded to this, I will go ahead and open an issue 
(assuming there is not one already).  This is a bug as far as I'm concerned.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 4:44:45 PM UTC-4, David Carson wrote:
> Not sure if this should be considered a bug, but certainly not what I 
> would expect.
> In order to add a reviewer to a request, I can start typing the username, 
> or I can start typing the full name.  This is great so far.  If I start 
> typing "Dav" I get three matches (two Dave and one David). 
> However, it seems to me to be impossible to use <tab> or <enter> or 
> anything else to actually cause one of these matches to be auto-filled in 
> the field.  The only way the field gets auto-filled is if I am typing the 
> actual username when I attempt the auto-completion.  Maybe I'm missing 
> something?
> Moreover, the same is true if the case does not match.  We have one group 
> defined so far, which is an all-uppercase acronym.  If I start typing the 
> group in the group reviewer field using lowercase letters, it finds the 
> group and tells me to press <tab> to auto-complete.  When I press <tab>, it 
> does not auto-complete.
> It seems like, if the matching occurs using either username or fullname, 
> and if the matching occurs using either the exact case  or not, then the 
> tab should grab that match and fill in the appropriate username/groupname. 
>  Is this a bug?  Should I open an issue?
> Running RB 2.0.8, CentOS 7.0, Chrome browser.

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