There seem to an issue when using "mass close" capability of RB: I selected a number of review requests and applied 'close as discarded', after a 'thanks' message box, pressed F5 (reload the page). In the loaded page, a few other (previously unselected) review requests became immediately selected. Seems like some IDs got reused for selection?

A few wishlist items:

1. Is it possible to add an option to send review emails with screenshot/PDF fragments attached to the email, not referenced from the server. We have a non-public RB installation, so the mail agent cannot load images without logging in.

2. Is it possible to separate the "add attachment" permission from the "can edit review request" permission? We'd like to allow all developers make attachments, even to others' requests - which makes a lot of sense since the MarkDown now allows to insert images into the review comments. Alternatively, can there be per-developer storage (so that one could upload an image and get a URL for it for insertion into the review comment).

3. Is it possible to enable the 'select it' column for view of all review requests, as well as 'all by a certain submitter' and 'all to a certain group' views? Right now it is only enabled in the dashboard view.


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