Dear RB users and experts,

We are considering to use RB in our programming courses curriculum and I am 
trying to get an understanding, or a gap analysis, of how well suited RB 
would be.

The intention is to make the students review each others code but not being 
able to always peer-up with friends, so it should be anonymous and/or 
random assignment of reviewers. Teachers should be able to inspect all 
reviews and provide comments if they wish. Students should only be allowed 
to see their own reviews.

The intended workflow we'd like to achieve is outlined as follows:

   1. Student submits his exercise code, preferably via customized script 
   using RBtools. This creates a new review and uploads the files to the RB 
   2. Student requests to review another students submitted code. The 
   student should be assigned a random, and/or possibly an anonymous, review 
   from the pool of available reviews.
   3. Once peer reviewers are completed the review is "sent" back to 
   original submitter who can address findings and comments.
   4. Once the student is done fixing issues he/she submits the new version 
   of files.
   5. Possibly the review could be iterated but most likely one round is 
   sufficient, the teachers could check a list of iterated reviews and decide 
   to complete them.

What is required to do in order to use RB in such a workflow and setting? 
Perhaps most could be done on the client side using curl and the RB REST 

Any insights highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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