Hi Folks,

I am new to reviewboard, so please excuse me if this question is on a 
novice level. 

I was trying to install reviewboard on one of our linux machines - Ubuntu 
14.04.1 LTS. Everything went well untill I tried to run the rb-site 
command. I have created a mysql database for reviewboard and a user with 
all privileges on the database. When I filled up all the details and 
pressed enter, my site generation task failed with the following error

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table 'reviewboard.auth_user' 
doesn't exist")

on the top of the log I can also see  errors like

Creating database ... 
[!] Unable to execute the manager command syncdb: cannot import name

[!] Unable to execute the manager command registerscmtools: cannot
    import name default_storage
Performing migrations ... 
[!] Unable to execute the manager command evolve: cannot import name

my django version is 1.6.8. I had a look at another thread on google groups 
which proposes a workaround of replacing django 1.6.8 with 1.4.13 to solve 
the issue. But then my rb-site task does not run saying that it needs a 
django version which should be >1.6 and <1.7.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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