Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

I added the -I option but now it says "ERROR: There don't seem to be any 

I am trying to submit this file as a new file. I also tried giving it the 
full path in the repository:

rbt post -I /full/repository/path/hello.c

This time, it only shows CRITICAL:

and nothing more.

I restarted the apache server, however, the logging is still only showing:

 INFO -  - Reloading logging settings

Thank you very much for your help


On Monday, December 15, 2014 3:13:02 PM UTC-5, Norman Lo wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using RBTools version 0.6.3 and tries to post some files to 
> ReviewBoard version 1.7.
> When I use the command "rbt post hello.c", I got the following error:
> Failed to execute command: ['git', 'rev-parse', 'hello.c^']
> fatal: ambiguous argument 'hello.c^': unknown revision or path not in the 
> working tree.
> Use '--' to separate paths from revisions
> hello.c^
> It looks like the character "^" is added somehow and it is causing git to 
> fail. How should I go about to resolve this issue.
> Also, I have another issue with ReviewBoard. I set it to do logging in the 
> web interface. However, Looking at the log file, I only see:
>  Reloading logging settings
> And there are no more log entries. I do not see any apache error log. How 
> do I resolve this issue
> Thanks!

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