Christian Hammond <> wrote:

> You're not able to post to either our server or your internal one?

Unable to post to either. Exact same error message.

> Are you posting using the official upstream build of RBTools, or one from 
> your source tree? I just want to rule out any issues there.

Using the official one, version 0.6.3.

> Are you behind any kind of proxy server that could potentially be interfering?
> If you delete the .rbtools-cookies file and run rbt post, does it prompt you 
> for credentials, or does it just try without them?

No proxy. If I delete .rbtools-cookies and run `rbt post`, it does *not* prompt 
for credentials (I understand it *should*), but it just fails. Afterwards 
there's a new .rbtools-cookies file that looks like this:

> -----8<-----
> # Netscape HTTP Cookie File
> #
> # This is a generated file!  Do not edit.
> ----->8-----


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