Hi, would it be possible when showing the diffs between two files, to show 
any changes in encoding information, like for example, if one version 
didn't have an UTF-8 BOM mark and the new one does.
You would argue that the encoding is may not be important, but it actually 
can have some side effects on code.
The french character "é" for example, if encoded in ISO-8859-1 will return 
an strlen() of 1, while if it were encoded in UTF-8, it would return 2 to 
the same call. Basically what changes is that the string, byte-wise, is 
bigger in UTF-8 than in it's ISO counterpart. This little snippet can have 
consequences on already tested and stable code, and if someone during a 
patch, would change the encoding of a file, as per current state of 
reviewboard, reviewers won't even notice that such a change in encoding has 
occurred, would give their ok to ship it without even noticing the change 
in encoding.


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