Hi there!

I've been spending quite some time trying to get things right. I'm trying 
to set up a reviewboard hooked at server-side Git hooks, but the whole 
things seems to be missing a huge piece.

As mentioned, I'm using gitolite for dealing with my Git repositories, and 
I've deployed a Git repository at Review Board. 

The problem seems to exist If I use a local path to get to the Git 
repository, let's say I do use NFS/sshfs/etc to mount the remote server 
(which, btw, looks horrible for the security perspective!), I have to set 
up some how a way to manually trigger that repository to be updated BEFORE 
sending my reviews. This could be done using scripts, but definitely far 
from cover all scenarios, since you might have requested a review between 
your syncing scripts.

Now, if I were to use a remote SSH scheme for a Git Path, at least when not 
using cgit or gitweb, quoting the documentation "*Git doesn’t have a way of 
fetching an individual file of a given revision from a remote server 
without having an entire clone, so it works differently from other 
repository types*". 

It seems to me the most proper way of setting and solving things out is to 
have a local copy inside reviewboard that is git pulled before any diffing 
operation occurs.

Meanwhile, is there any possible way to implement git using gitolite 
without having a web frontend like gitweb?

Thanks in advance!

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