Hi there!

I've spend quite some time trying to get reviewboard and gitolite working 
properly without much success.

Since gitolite doesn't provide a web frontend like gitweb or cgit, 
Reviewboard  seems to require a local copy against it could perform 
diff'ing operations for requested reviews.
The trick seems to be that having a Review board installation and a remote 
Git server requires some evil scripts to sync before diffing, which might 
be quite some challenge by itself if requested reviews occur between 
syncing scripts take place (like crons or some daemon).

People seem to have a similar environment mentioning nfs or sshfs, which 
for me seems a totally avoidable thing if Review board were to pull changes 
at the local path git repository BEFORE it perfoms diff'ing.

It seems some communities like Kde and such use to have reviewboard and 
gitolite set on place, but I can't put my finger on how they did it without 
some horrible scripts hanging around.

Anyone having a similar configuration manage to solve this out?
What should I do? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance! 


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