Here is one problem I am facing in handling an incremental review request. 
Below are the steps:

1) I, as a developer, raised a review request of one of my task-1 completed.
2) After raising the review request, I am doing two things. a) Waiting for 
review comments b) Also continuing my development on task-2. (Just for the 
information, I have to incorporate those review comments changes which 
received in 48 hours of raising the review request.)
3) Now suppose, I completed my development of task-2 in 48 hours. Also I 
have incorporated the changes related to the review comments received in 
those 48 hours.
4) With all set, now I am planning to raise a review request on same review 
ID created in step 1.
5) I update the diff (please mind that new "diff" will contain the review 
comments changes along with new code for task-2).
6) The problem here is, when as a reviewer I am reviewing the "diff", I 
have a plethora of code which contains the review comments changes along 
with new development of task-2. But as a reviewer I was expecting:
    a) A separate review request containing only the review comments 
    b) A separate review request containing only the new development of 

Therefore it becomes very hard for the reviewer to verify the code and to 
give "Ship it!".

Please mind that as a developer I am not halting my development therefore I 
can not do back and forth (maintain a local file and upload the changes 
only related to review comments separately and for task-2 separately) due 
to time constraints.

Is there anything wrong in the process which I am following or it is just 
not possible inside review board for handle this kind of scenario?

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in Advance

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