Here I am facing a problem as a reviewer. Below are the steps (Problem is 
in Step 8):

1) Suppose one review request comes to me (Reviewer 1) for review. 
2) I have reviewed the code and gave some comments on suppose line numbers 
X, Y, Z.
3) Second reviewer (Reviewer 2) also gave the comments on same file but 
different line numbers A, B, C. (In our organization, one review can go to 
multiple reviewers.)
4) Now the developer of the code, incorporated the changes related to 
review comments of both Reviewer 1 and Reviewer 2.
5) After that the developer updates the diff on same review ID and publish 
6) After publishing, a mail comes to me (Reviewer 1) and I open the link of 
review board provided in that mail.
7) When the page opens, I click on "View Diff" link on the top right corner 
to see the diff.
8) The problem here is, I am not able to see the comments given by me (in 
step 2) on "View Diff" page. Although I can see the "diff" but not able to 
see the review comments therefore I am not able to find out whether the 
developer has made the changes what I wanted or something different (as I 
am not able to see my comments). 
9) For proper reviewing the changes, what I am doing right now is doing 
"Back and Forth". Means I am reading line numbers and my comments from my 
previous review mail and verifying in the current diff which is very time 
consuming and boring.

Here what I want to understand that are below changes possible inside 
review board to make a reviewer's life easier ?

1) As I mentioned in step 8, is it possible to show the my (Reviewer 1's) 
review comments in the current diff?
2) If above is possible, please also show review comments by Reviewer 2 but 
with different color so that Reviewer 1 and Reviewer 2 can check only their 
corresponding comments.

Thanks in Advance

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