Unfortunately, that configuration can't work, unless there's also a raw file 
URL field that's filled out. Git's protocol has no ability to fetch the kind of 
information we need remotely, including individual files.

For Git, it's a requirement to either host the repository on the Review Board 
server (or through something like an NFS mount), or to use a service like 
GitWeb. GitWeb is the recommended route right now (though we're working on a 
service to help make all this easier).

If the other changes were successfully posting, my guess is that they were 
introducing new files, which doesn't require communication with the repository. 
Otherwise, there's no way that the file verification could have worked with a 
remote Git path.


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> > Ah, I just saw part of your error: "Not a git repository: 'None.'"
> >
> > How is your repository configured in Review Board?
> Name - Repository
> Hosting - None (custom)
> Type - Git
> Path - git@server:path/repo.git
> However, note that the client can post a review request using one
> invocation (with HEAD~) and not the other, so it would seem that the repo
> is configured correctly?

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