Hi all,

I've downloaded and installed Review Board Power Pack 1.1.0 in my Review Board 
1.7.27 server, and started playing with it. I have a few questions/observations.

1)      I like the PDF support! Very cool. Drawing a box around the area is 
rather effective for highlighting certain areas.

2)      Are there any plans to support MS Office file formats natively? Instead 
of having to convert to PDF?

3)      When generating reports, Is there a way to specify "all" or a "group" 
of people? This would be very helpful for generating organizational Time to 
First and Time to Close reports.

4)      When I attach a PDF, I don't see a thumbnail of the file. Instead, all 
I see is a triange with an exclamation mark. The server log has a number of 
these messages:

- PDF Review UI: Could not convert thumbnailData to stored image for file 
attachment comment 200: decoder zip not available

Failed to convert data uri to image: decoder zip not available.

None - terrence.j.dunnigan - 
/reviews/api/review-requests/2707/file-attachments/754/ - Failed to store 
thumbnail for attachment 754: decoder zip not available

5)      The server log is also logging errors (dozens of errors daily)  for all 
other peer reviews with file attachments:

Unable to load review UI for Test Plan.docx: PDFReviewUI: rejecting document 
Test Plan.docx because of incorrect extension

Traceback (most recent call last):

 line 222, in for_type

    return handler(attachment.get_review_request(), attachment)

  File "build/bdist.macosx-10.10-intel/egg/rbpowerpack/pdf/reviewui.py", line 
32, in __init__

Exception: PDFReviewUI: rejecting document Test Plan.docx because of incorrect 

6)      Just a general observation when viewing PDFs - clicking on the title of 
the PDF opens the PDF itself whereas clicking on the thumbnail opens the review 
interface. That surprised me. Also, when you are in the review interface, it's 
not clear how to get back to the review itself. I wish the GUI had a back 
button or something. (Perhaps this is improved in RB 2.x?)



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