We are using ReviewBoard 1.7.27 on CentOS 6 (I would love to update to 2.X but 
that’s still not easy on CentOS 6 as far as I know).  Reviews re working fine, 
but today a user tried to add a screenshot to a review, and while the file got 
uploaded (I can see it under htdocs/media/uploaded/files/… on the server), if 
you try to access it from the review itself I get the error “The page you were 
looking for does not exist”.  If I hover over the link the URL appears to be 
 but that URL returns a 404 error.

There must be something misconfigured, but I can’t figure out what it is.  This 
may be the first time someone has tried to upload a file since we moved 
ReviewBoard to the new server many months ago.  Any suggestions as to what log 
files I should be looking at to figure out why this isn’t working?  Remember 
that reviews themselves are working fine; it’s only the attached files that are 
not working.


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